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A few facts about our awesome company.

• From concept to casting to shooting to delivery, we do it all.

• Competitive pricing. Professional equipment. Experienced filmmakers.

• Beautifully composed, original soundtracks.

• Want to track your project’s analytics? We can do that.

• We specialize in focusing on the points that make you, you.

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Our Philosophy

When it comes to being authentic, we do not settle for anything less. It is not easy

and a challenge we face day to day. To be authentic is to be yourself – not your

idea of what someone else’s idea of you is. We at Field Technique recognize

this as fact and challenge ourselves to not only be authentic, but to capture

that essence among companies and individuals because we believe authenticity

is one of the most powerful motivators in brand retention.


“For individuals and companies that have a passion for success, I highly recommend Field Technique.”

Jake Smeltz – President at Electric Power Generation Association